The TreeProject is a creative research project which investigates the existence of trees discussing their connotations and connections with human beings and life.
We started this project with the desire to expand our creativity and personal endeavor.
We think that working collaboratively, creating a blog to share information, it will give us space to get inspired and creative. TheTreeProject is an Open door, everyone can get in, write, share and create.
There is not any precise aim or target. Just a drive: Be free to wander, to gain knowledge and to allow our self to be open.
During the project we will see where the process of creativity is bringing us, which discoveries and interest are sparkling our imagination, and if there is anything we want to discover further and how.
There is not any precise aim. We ar all creative beings, so maybe, something creative will Happen! Or maybe not!



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Who are we?

We are three/tree creative human beings. We are friends and artists.

Monika Gravagno is an Actress and Craft Designer.

Jose Martinez is a Photographer

Emma Pizzagalli is a Jeweler Designer.

Our work in based on collaboration and sharing. Our aim is to feel joy and make art. Why did we decide to create a project about trees ??? Because… well, actually we don’t why. It happened…and I guess we shouldn’t know why!


How it started?

Everything started from a flying seed.

Emma came to London to visit me (Monika). She made me a pendant: a flying seed. Then she recited Munari’s poem poem (“A tree is a slow explosion of a seed”). I had never seen a flying seed before. We spoke a lot about thing I can’t say.. It was December 2013. We went to bed. Emma went back in Milan, I continued to sleep.



Spring 2014.One day I went for a walk in the park to take some pictures of trees. Whilst I was sitting in front of a huge swaying tree, I thought about Emma and our friendship. When I looked down I saw a little dot on the ground…a flying seed. Red and yellow, round and light. Beautiful.

Have you never seen a flying seed?? That was the first time I had seen a real one!

That same day I went to a charity shop, to snoop around. What was the first thing I saw? A book entitled “Arbre”. A French book about trees!!

I went home and I called Emma and asked her to work together on an artistic project about trees.

She didn’t answer. She opened her sketch notebook. It was full of drawings about seeds and branches.

I guess that meant ‘yes’.


Get infected

Plants can be pollinated by the wind. The wind picks up pollen from one plant and blows it onto another.

I think when you are in love or passionate about something, you are like pollen, moved by the wind, you can infect everything.

I didn’t know Jose well. We used to work together in a sterile environment.  I saw his work as a photographer and I asked him to work together on the project. He got infected, he got pollinated!

One day we went to Epping Forest to take pictures of fallen trees. After our meeting I wrote:

“Why do we make art? Because of friendship.”


Discover Our team

Monika Gravagno

Jose Martinez

Emma Pizzagalli

Giuseppe Baldanzini


Get Pollinated!

All we want is PLAY!! Come closer and get pollinated!

We are organizing events and workshops to meet , connect, and Play!

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